Are you an Activist? Are you in the FBI’s Facial Recognition Database?

My name is Kaye Beach.  I am a personal liberty and privacy activist with the Constitutional Alliance, a national organization dedicated to stopping mandatory biometric identification
The FBI has created a new biometric identification system (Next Generation ID) that includes not only criminals and suspects but ordinary people as well.  Now the FBI is trying to keep the workings of its biometric database hidden from the public by exempting it from the Privacy Act.
We suspect that the facial biometric data of many activists is included in the FBI's facial recognition database but need your help in order to find out more.
We want to connect with anyone who has been arrested since 2011 while engaging in peaceful activism or protest, that later had the charges dismissed or dropped.  
We are particularly interested in arrests that took place in
New York,
Texas or
(states known to share non-criminal biometric data with the FBI).
The Constitutional Alliance is helping professionals in legal advocacy who will use the Freedom of Information Act and the Privacy Act to find out if you are in a state or the FBI's face recognition database. This information will be used to report on law enforcement's use of facial recognition technology.
Your information will be kept confidential and as secure as possible.  It will not be used for any other purpose and your name will not be used without your permission.
We work hard to protect the rights of all people against unwarranted surveillance and control but we cannot fight what we do not know. 
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