The Kaye Beach lawsuit and how it directly relates to our liberty plus an update

by Mark Lerner (November 7, 2011)  Constitutional Alliance Stop Real ID Coalition 

We want our leaders to read legislation before voting on it.  Will you read this document to protect your rights, liberty and freedom?) 

L-I-B-E-R-T-Y Say it, "Liberty", now define what liberty means.  If a person cannot define liberty then how can a person know if they have liberty or not?  How can a person protect and preserve their liberty if they cannot define what liberty means?  At times we define things by what they are not; a sort of process of elimination.  Is “Liberty” consistent with needing the government's permission before you can buy, sell, travel or work?  This article will inform all citizens what they can do NOW to protect our rights, liberty and freedom.

If you decide not to read this communication, so be it.  I would ask those who do not read this entire communication, what are they doing to protect our constitutional rights that can result in change NOW, not when and if we ever have enough lawmakers that actually will honor their oaths to uphold our Constitution?

Yes, who we elect is important but we do not have time to wait until November 2012, much less January 2013 when those who win in 2012 actually take office.  Congress has multiple pieces of legislation (Photo Identification Security Act and Legal Workforce Act) before it NOW that would further erode our rights and thus liberty.  It is not enough to oppose what the government has and is doing by sending faxes or making phone calls to lawmakers. Individuals and groups must take action now to affect change.  Kaye Beach and her attorneys have and are taking action NOW. 

Tuesday, September 8, 2011, the Supreme Court of the United States is expected to hear arguments in the “Jones” case.  Should law enforcement be able to go onto your property, attach a GPS (Global Positioning Satellite) device to your privately owned vehicle and subsequently track the vehicle as it leaves your property and travels in public, all without a warrant?  This is a very important case but I would and do argue Kaye Beach’s case is of equal or greater importance.  

All Citizens can take ownership in ensuring our Rights are Protected

by Mark Lerner (September 21, 2011)  Constitutional Alliance Stop Real ID Coalition 

I receive calls and emails each day from a great number of people frustrated over a wide variety of issues ranging from personal property rights to biometrics and everything in between including but not limited to red light cameras, 9/11, smart grids, our nation’s debt and healthcare exchanges. Many citizens are receiving the same or similar communications that I do.  It should not come as news to anyone that the public’s confidence in government to do its job is at a historical low.  Additionally, only about one in four people believe their elected leaders tell the truth.  You may ask: Why, if there is a lack of confidence in government along with distrust, are more citizens not engaged?  This article will provide a way to open the door to engage all citizens.

Why we or actually they think we need biometrics, RFID, CCTV and linked databases with our personal information

by Mark Lerner (August 15, 2011)   Constitutional Alliance     Stop Real ID Coalition 

As a person who has walked the halls of many state capitols, met with members of Congress, their staff and counsels; I have walked the walk that allows me to provide the following commentary.  You can ignore the plea I make within this commentary and live with the regret.  I do not think freedom loving citizens want any regrets when it comes to protecting their Constitutional rights. 


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