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by Mark Lerner   (September 19, 2012)  Constitutional Alliance        Stop Real ID Coalition 

For many years as many of you know The Constitutional Alliance, a group I co-founded has focused on issues related to biometrics, RFID and the information sharing of our personal identifiable information in general.  Personally, I have been working on these issues for roughly ten years; well before the Real ID Act 2005.  The company I focused on and warned people about ten years ago was named Viisage Technology.  Viisage morphed into L-1 Identity Solutions which was sold to a French company named Safran.  This French company with an admitted 40 year "partnership" with China has access to many state Department of Motor Vehicle databases.  When I first sent out warnings Viisage was a very small company with a market value of only $50 million.  I warned citizens about biometrics in general and facial recognition technology specifically.  Some listened; many, far too many did not. 

How long will citizens continue to listen to people including so called privacy experts who do not understand the Real ID Act

by Mark Lerner (September 19, 2012) Constitutional Alliance Stop Real ID Coalition

How long will citizens continue to listen to people including so called "privacy experts" who do not understand the Real ID Act and other laws before they realize there is only one option left?

Failing to read this document will seal your fate and the fate of Freedom in our country - Real ID Act and much more!

This document will anger a number of people.  Some Republicans and Democrats will be angry with me.  Many pastors will also be angry.  To each person that is upset with me I say "too bad"; until you show the citizens of the United States how to reconcile a "Free Society" with a "Surveillance Society" sit down and shut up.  Better yet read and learn before you become complicit in ensuring every person who has been killed or injured fighting in wars to protect our "Freedom" will have died in vain.  In addition to angering many people I am going to address the FBI's NGI (Next Generation Identification) system and latest news release from last week.


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