Christians and non-Christians are being enrolled into a global system of identification and financial control

by Mark Lerner   (June 3, 2013)  Constitutional Alliance        Stop Real ID Coalition 

This document is intended for both Christians and non-Christians. Christians and non-Christians alike, have the same rights in our country under our Constitution. It is my hope that after reading this document, non-Christians will have a better understanding of the reasons many Christians are adamant in their objection to biometric enrollment. Non-Christians who currently have either no position on mandated biometric enrollment or are actually supporting mandated biometric enrollment, may have a change of heart and oppose mandated biometric enrollment when they read why mandated biometric enrollment is a threat to their freedom. This document is also intended to wake up those Christians that have become complacent.

You are being enrolled into a global identity scheme which controls your ability to buy, sell, travel and now work !!!

by Mark Lerner   (April 17, 2013)  Constitutional Alliance        Stop Real ID Coalition 

(Comprehensive Immigration Reform) There is no longer a question if the Constitutional Alliance was right going back many years ago.  We warned people before anyone else that calling Real ID a "national" ID was not the whole story.  Those that have said Real ID is dead were and are wrong.  Real ID is specifically mentioned in the immigration legislation.  "Don't miss reading this whole article, it's an eye opener!", Steve Meyer.

Comprehensive Immigration Reform, Real ID, The Kaye Beach Lawsuit

by Mark Lerner   (April 16, 2013)  Constitutional Alliance        Stop Real ID Coalition 

The Stop Real ID Coalition is opposing the proposed immigration reform legislation.  The Constitutional Alliance is the sister organization to the Stop Real ID Coalition, and is a 501 (c)(3) thus educating citizens without endorsing or opposing legislation.  That being said the Constitutional Alliance has educated all citizens about a global system of identification that directly links our bodies through biometrics to our ability to buy, sell, travel and now if Congress has its way, work.  For Christians and non Christians the threat to our freedom is irrefutable.  Once again we will inform citizens what they can do by providing an update on Kaye Beach's lawsuit in Oklahoma. 

Oklahoma biometric driver license lawsuit will result in lawsuits in other states only if you help

by Mark Lerner   (December 3, 2012)  Constitutional Alliance        Stop Real ID Coalition 

The Constitutional Alliance has been working very hard.  10,000 plus email responses and requests for documents I have personally responded to.  I have traveled the United States many times over meeting with private citizens, groups and testifying before committees against mandated biometric enrollment and the Real ID Act 2005.  We have visited with hundreds of state and national lawmakers.  In my position as spokesperson for the Constitutional Alliance and the Stop Real ID Coalition that is what was expected and came with the "job".  I know of no person or group that has asked for information of any kind or answers to questions and not received what they had requested; usually within 24 hours.  Now we are stating unequivocally YOUR financial assistance is needed NOW for Kaye Beach's lawsuit to save our liberty. 


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