Industry Insiders Validate Mark Lerner at CNN

by Steve Meyer  (September 23, 2013 - Steve Meyer)       Stop Real ID Coalition            Constitutional Alliance     

Editors Note: Steve Meyer is a Board member of the Constitutional Alliance and Executive Director of the Stop Real ID Coalition (article: Who is Steve Meyer).

Mark Lerner writes most of the articles on the Constitutional Alliance's website. I am fortunate to have met Mark many years ago as a co-guest on a national talk show where our efforts to oppose mandated biometric enrollment, related technologies, and laws merged. What began with an educational and legislative battle within the confines of the United States swiftly morphed into a global theater of operations encompassing everyone globally.

The Road to Hell is Being Paved and Our Government is Laying the Asphalt

by Mark Lerner  (September 21, 2013)       Stop Real ID Coalition            Constitutional Alliance     

OUR government is laying the asphalt but the public is willingly driving down the road. I have written previously about there being two types of control, one being direct control and the other indirect control. I will explain how right I was in identifying these two types of control in this article. I will also explain how state lawmakers are selling out the people in their states. Further, “Christians” had better start paying attention because they are driving down the same road as others are. Finally, I will explain how we are fundamentally changing the relationship between government and the people. In the conclusion, I will discuss what must be done NOW.

Mandatory Biometric Enrollment - Lawsuit - UPDATE - Read This!

by Mark Lerner   (June 23, 2013)  Constitutional Alliance        Stop Real ID Coalition 

(fingerprinting, facial recognition, iris scan, DNA, etc.)

If you value liberty and understand how dangerous government mandated biometric ID is to our freedom, you need to read and understand every word of what I am writing about today. Something very important is happening so stay with me.

Over the years, the Constitutional Alliance has consistently fought against mandatory biometric ID and for the right of all citizens to be free of it.  Government mandated biometric ID is the lynchpin of the modern surveillance society.  The amount of control this system gives government over individuals is an anathema to a free society and we oppose it being imposed on anyone – period.  You cannot reconcile a free society with a surveillance society.

The founders of this country called religious freedom “the first freedom” because it is a precondition for other important rights.  Try to imagine the value of freedom of speech, or freedom of association without religious freedom and you will quickly see why religious freedom, also referred to as ‘freedom of conscience’ is so important.

Global Governance

by Mark Lerner   (June 12, 2013)  Constitutional Alliance        Stop Real ID Coalition 

(The proof our government is leading the way towards global governance)

There are many people that speak about a “New World Order”, a “One World Government” and global governance in general terms. In my previous article, I addressed the fact that there are issues where Christians and non-Christians can take a similar position on an issue but for different reasons. It occurred to me that I should provide a clear example of where Christians and non-Christians can reach the same conclusion but based on different reasoning. One subject that both Christians and non-Christians opine on regularly is global governance. I will provide in this document irrefutable evidence that our government is moving towards and promoting global governance. I will not ask you, the reader, to speculate or draw any conclusions but rather judge the evidence I provide on its own merit.

I am asking that each reader read the following language and asks what organization, group, or country is responsible for the wording that comes from the document I will provide.


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