A New Look for the Constitutional Alliance Website

by Steve Meyer  (March 26, 2014)

It is my pleasure to introduce the "new look" of the Constitutional Alliance with the implementation of our new web site.

The Constitutional Alliance web site has been the internet face for an alliance which began with 21 founding groups and members.  The Constitutional Alliance is a privately funded nonpartisan non-profit organization whose stated mission is "preserve state and national sovereignty, and the unalienable rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness as pronounced in the Declaration of Independence and protected under the Bill of Rights of the United States of America".  The alliance grew and became a primary force in education of legislators, governors, pastors, groups, and individuals. 

Target Stores Credit Card Breach

by Steve Meyer (February 4, 2014) Constitutional Alliance Stop Real ID Coalition

The Target data breach made the news once again today. Over the noon hour while watching the local CBS affiliate, KCCI TV8, one news story drew me to cease all I was doing and respond. CBS perhaps is not so much to blame for anything more than allowing this lunacy to make the televised news.

The story presented an individual who proclaimed that chipping Target's credit cards would have prevented the data breach which occurred while swiping the magnetic credit card strip. He went on to say that chips have been used successfully in Europe, for years. The claim then went to the high cost of putting the chip into the card as the reason why it hasn't been implemented here.

The lawsuit filed on my behalf, why it is important to you, and what you are needed to do!

by Kaye Beach  (January 13, 2014)  Constitutional Alliance        Stop Real ID Coalition 

My name is Kaye Beach. I am a mother, wife, patriot and Christian. I made a decision two plus years ago to stand up and fight to protect my rights and in doing so to protect the rights of others. I filed a lawsuit in Oklahoma opposing mandated biometric enrollment. Commonly we think of fingerprints when we think of biometrics but arguably facial recognition is the most invasive of all biometrics. Facial recognition software relies on a high resolution, digital facial image/photograph. In the past the photographs on our driver’s licenses were not facial recognition compatible. Facial recognition software measures the distances between key characteristics of our face such as our eyes, lips, ears and nose. The federal government is now using states as surrogates. The state driver’s license is being used to build a repository of citizen’s biometrics. My lawsuit is ongoing and I must have your help now!

National Identification System (NIDS) versus National ID card

by Mark Lerner   (November 19, 2013)  Constitutional Alliance        Stop Real ID Coalition 

Is one any worse than the other or are they both equally bad?

I would imagine that most people are opposed to both a NIDS and a “National ID Card”. Few people realize for all intents and purposes we already have both. From the outset it is very important to understand that NIDS and a National ID Card are both, in reality, “international.”

The issue of a NIDS versus a “National ID” card is a somewhat complex issue and as a result, this is not a short document. The very nature of the discussion is based on the amount of information that is collected about each of us, how that information is collected, and used; at times without our knowledge or consent.


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