Our government's addiction to your personal information - NSA Facial Recognition

by Mark Lerner (June 2, 2014)

For years the Constitutional Alliance has maintained that biometric enrollment was and is the "prize" for our government and other countries around the world.  International standards for biometric collection and global information sharing are the goals that have been met. The photograph in your DMV (Department of Motor Vehicles) database is a biometric.  Biometrics and specifically facial recognition, allows for each of us to be identified and tracked when in public. Currently there is no law, or so we are told, to protect us against the use of facial recognition technology. Now thanks to the Snowden documents just released, we know the NSA has been building their own photo database to identify suspected terrorists and other "intelligence targets." This article will explain why this is important to you and provide a way for you to make a difference.  

How far we have fallen!

by Mark Lerner (April 19, 2014)

Some dear friends in Michigan sent me a CD of a speech President Reagan, then former Governor Reagan, gave at Hillsdale College in Michigan.  This speech is for all citizens. Many people are not aware that President Reagan was a Democrat for many years before becoming a Republican.  The speech is for all freedom loving people who love OUR country. http://www.americanrhetoric.com/speeches/ronaldreaganhillsdalecollege.htm

Welcome to the April 2014 enforcement of the Real ID Act 2005

by Mark Lerner (April 1, 2014)

Beginning 21 April 2014, citizens of the United States will no longer be able to enter the Department of Homeland Security headquarters building without a Real ID compliant driver's license (Gold Star) or another acceptable federal ID document such as military ID cards or passports.

In July of 2014 citizens will no longer be able to enter any federal facilities which currently require an ID card without a Real ID compliant driver's license or other acceptable federal ID document.  One has to wonder if this will apply to members of congress and their staff as well. 

To all those that said "Real ID is dead" your membership in the fortune telling club is hereby revoked.  Many groups have claimed Real ID is dead.  Unfortunately that is not the case.


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