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The Constitutional Alliance continues to educate people both within and outside the United States about mandatory global biometric enrollment.  We have been contacted by people and groups in over 50 countries about biometrics and the threat mandated biometric enrollment presents to all freedom loving people.  Domestic spying here in the United States is no longer something that "conspiracy theorists" talk about but rather has been proven to be a sad reality.

UPDATE in Louisiana - Governor vetoes Real ID bill- Brave, Patriotic Women

It has not been the practice of the Constitutional Alliance to "publish" the successes we have or have had.  This is in part because we believe all Glory belongs to God, Almighty.  We do not hide our religious beliefs but open our arms to all people, regardless of faith or political affiliation.  Yes, we preach the Gospel and make no apology in doing so.  This is why we have a section on our homepage titled "What Christians Need to Know."  The section is also for non-Christians.  This article is to recognize what a few women along with a couple of men in Louisiana have done.  The Constitutional Alliance offered our services and support but make no mistake about it: the brave, patriotic women of Louisiana and those that supported their efforts in Louisiana were pushing the plow.  Below is an email we received a day after the Governor of Lousiana vetoed a bill that would have made Louisiana fully Real ID compliant.  The Governor walked the walk to protect states' rights and the freedom of the people of Louisiana.  There is still work to be done to end mandatory biometric enrollment but I believe we should be grateful for victories that occur while still pushing forward.  Louisiana's Eagle Forum, The Louisiana Tea Party and the Louisiana Power Coalition are an example of what people and groups can do when ego's are put to the side and everyone works together towards a common goal.

Real ID Act - Governor Jindal - Louisiana

(June 20, 2014)

At this very moment Governor Bobby Jindal has an opporuntity to show what he is made of.  Normally when the Constitutional Alliance discusses the Real ID Act 2005 we focus on the "biometric" component of the Real ID Act.  Specifically, we focus on the mandated high resolution, digital facial image that is facial recogniton comptable.  There is another provision of the Real ID Act 2005 that is very disturbing and that is the "Official Purposes" of the Real ID Act.  Simply what I am speaking of is the unfettered discretion given to the Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security to determine for what purposes a Real ID compliant driver's license will be needed.  

UPDATE - Kaye Beach lawsuit - new Rutherford Institute press release

by Mark Lerner (June 18, 2014)

The Rutherford Institute has just released today a new press release regarding Kaye Beach's lawsuit in Oklahoma.

There is a section on the left side of our web-site, "Kaye Beach's Lawsuit" that allows readers to read the original filing of the petitition/lawsuit. 

Kaye Beach's attorneys have filed a Motion for Summary Judgment.  The AG/DPS in Oklahoma has filed their response to Kaye Beach's Motion for Summary Judgment.  In return Kaye Beach's attorneys have filed a response to the AG's/DPS's response.  The bottom line is we are all waiting on the court to rule now on the Motion for Summary Judgment. 

The case may or may not conclude with the court's ruling.  It is MORE IMPORTANT than ever that those that suppport Kaye give to her legal defense fund.  Kaye is sacrificing not just for herself but for all freedom loving people.  You can donate today to Kaye's legal defense fund by visiting

Kaye must have the resources to continue her fight in the event her case goes to trial.  That being said, as of today Kaye Beach must pay down her outstanding balance which is roughly $15,000. 

It is time for each of us to not just talk the talk but also walk the walk.  Please give as generously as you are able to Kaye Beach's legal defense fund. 

Biomertrics are the linchpin of a surveillance state.  People will say to me "Government will do what it wants; there is nothing we can do."  Those people are wrong.  I know what faith in God can do.  I know God does provide.  Kaye Beach's courage must be equalled by our commitment to assisting her in this battle of a lifetime.  Kaye's religious beliefs do not allow her to "give in" to mandatory biometric enrollment."  Kaye is battling for non-Christians as well.  If you oppose a surveillance state and/or if you are a Christian, you NOW have the opportunity to have your voice heard by supporting Kaye Beach. 

Thank you,

Mark Lerner

God Bless

The New Government Servant

by Steve Meyer (June 4, 2014)

I visited several political candidate post election parties last night in Iowa.  It seems that the leading candidates simply paint their case with broad brush strokes.  They used key phrases like "represent Iowa values", "repeal "Obamacare", "cut the pork in Washington", and even "reduce the size of government".  This haunted my soul with memories of promises past.  "Change".  If you don't recall who promised "change" then there's little hope that you will even read this article.


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