Real ID and the battle that still goes on in Oklahoma and other states

(December 15, 2014)  In this article I use Oklahoma, a state that is not Real ID compliant, as an example of the methods used to eventually have all states become Real ID compliant. As of this time not all states are in material compliance with the Real ID Act 2005.  There are 39 benchmarks a state must complete to be in full compliance with the Real ID Act 2005 ( a link is provided later in this article to a list of all 39 benchmarks).  Today states are only being required to meet the first 18 benchmarks to be in "material compliance". That being said, the effort to bring all states into full compliance continues.  If you live in a non-Real ID compliant state this article will help you to understand the tactics employed to make your state Real ID compliant.  If you live in a state that is already in material compliance or a state that has said it intends to be in material compliance, I encourage you to use the information in this article and ask your state lawmakers their reason(s) for subjecting you to an overreaching federal government.  In some cases you will find out your state lawmakers did not understand all the consequences of becoming Real ID compliant.  If you live in a state such as Oklahoma that is not yet in material compliance with the Real ID Act you should provide the information in this document to your state lawmakers and ask if they are going to support becoming compliant with the Real ID Act 2005.

If you believe the public does not care about their constitutional rights you are wrong: Evidence provided.

This is a MUST read for those who believe the public does not care about protecting their constitutional rights.  The fact is for the first time (after the Snowden document revelations) since 9/11 the public is putting their concerns about their constitutional rights over national security.  The Constitutional Alliance has received the permission of SPITFIRE to make the documents provided available.  There are two short documents that are less than 5 pages total (polling data that will surprise most people).  A cross section of many polls was put together that is the evidence that now is the time to reach out to all people, not just activists.  If you have not read our previous article "How far have we fallen in 2014? We are all being watched!" and/or shared it with everyone you know, we strongly we strongly encourage you to do so NOW.  The links to the NEW polling analysis about constitutional rights versus national security are available at the bottom of this article. 

There can be no denying we are each being enrolled into a single global system of identification and financial control

The Constitutional Alliance in its most recent article on our web-site stated all countries will have a mandated biometric enrollment program that will require the use of international standards for the collection, retention and sharing of the biometrics of ALL people globally.  We provided quotes from officials in the United States, other countries and international non-government entities.  Well, today we make the case with crystal clear clarity. 

A MUST read for all people - Total Global Biometric Enrollment

I started out over a decade ago warning people about the threat mandated biometrics presents to all people.  At the time very few entities, government or otherwise were collecting the biometrics of people outside of correctional institutions.  Mandated biometric enrollment was not a consideration.  People scoffed at me, telling me global biometric enrollment would not happen.  Many people said there are people in remote areas of the world where there is no electricity or running water thus these people could not be enrolled into a global biometric identity scheme.  Once you have read this document click on the link at the bottom of this document and ask yourself if you believe total biometric enrollment is now something to scoff at.  Keep in mind that in the most remote places in India where there is no electricity or running water, people are now are being enrolled into a global system of identification and financial control.  Mobile biometric enrollment stations are reaching every corner of India. 

Something new the Constitutional Alliance may do - Badges of Honor or Dishonor

In our day to day activities at the Constitutional Alliance we have the need to contact state lawmakers throughout the country.  We DO NOT endorse candidates.  What we are considering doing is creating a new section on our web-site that we will be awarding Badges of Honor and Badges of Dishonor.  These badges will NOT be dependent on what political party a lawmaker belongs to or how a lawmaker votes on any issue.


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