Are you an Activist? Are you in the FBI’s Facial Recognition Database?

My name is Kaye Beach.  I am a personal liberty and privacy activist with the Constitutional Alliance, a national organization dedicated to stopping mandatory biometric identification
The FBI has created a new biometric identification system (Next Generation ID) that includes not only criminals and suspects but ordinary people as well.  Now the FBI is trying to keep the workings of its biometric database hidden from the public by exempting it from the Privacy Act.
We suspect that the facial biometric data of many activists is included in the FBI's facial recognition database but need your help in order to find out more.
We want to connect with anyone who has been arrested since 2011 while engaging in peaceful activism or protest, that later had the charges dismissed or dropped.  

Real ID Exposed: It Is Worse than You Think

The Constitutional Alliance strongly opposes the Real ID Act 2005; our reasons go beyond the reasoning of other organizations.  Our primary reasons for opposing the Real ID Act are four-fold.  You will learn while reading this essay why there is not as big a difference as you have been led to believe between states that are in material compliance with the Real ID Act 2005 and those that are not.

Updated August 2016: Information is power and abused power equates to control

(by Mark Lerner  03/27/2015)  UPDATED Monthly - 10 August 2016.  Increased power by government with diminishing transparency in government equals a loss of freedom for all people regardless of their political ideology, religion, race, ethnicity, age, gender or financial status. It is not too late to do something about the path our country is heading down. In the past a person for the most part only came into contact with law enforcement when they were a victim of a crime, a witness to a crime, the perpetrator of a crime, or got pulled over for a traffic violation.  Today we each come into contact with law enforcement or our intelligence agencies on a daily basis in many ways we do not even know about.  As bad as the domestic spying taking place today is, you can still make a difference. That difference starts with you educating people and informing them we are at a point of critical mass.  We must act now or we will have missed the last exit before reaching the point of no return. If you have a web-site and you are not sharing a link to this article to your readers, I ask you if have you provided all the information that is in this essay to your readers already?  I promise you the answer is "NO" because there is no other place on any web-site that is as all encompassing as this one essay.  Ask yourself who is in the business of collecting your personal information today?  It is your government and they are doing it in ways you will learn about in this essay. "Not to act, is to act" - Dietrich Bonhoeffer

Privacy Consequences Jan 1, 2015

(Jan 1, 2015 by Steve Meyer)  A brief look into today's privacy news.
As the U.S. Commerce Department works with multiple stakeholders to create a voluntary code of ethics for the use of facial recognition in commerce ( the vending machine of the future is already here ( boasting it's facial recognition capabilities.  Even Pizza Hut launches it's state of the art digital menu that "reads your mind" in less than 2.5 seconds (Swedish firm: Tobii Technology).  Kohls and Macys are testing low frequency technology to improve sales (AssociatedPress).

My own appreciation for the organizations that work together to protect our freedom

We are confronted with many challenges today.  There is a terrorist threat from Islamic extremists.  There are many other challenges dealing with issues such as infrastructure, healthcare, education, our growing national debt, the number of people incarcerated in our prisons, immigration, stagnant wages, unemployment, the number of people living in poverty, and the divisiveness in our society. 


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